More than words

Sometimes saying thank you requires more. More than words. {Anyone else just break out into the 90’s Monster Ballad by Extreme?? No? Just me? Okay then, moving on}. Early on, we’re taught the importance of manners. Proper etiquette. And appreciation. We thank the cashier when they bag the groceries we just bought. We thank the bank teller when they give us our money. Before hanging up the phone, we thank the customer service representative that just ate up seventy minutes of our day trying to adjust the incorrect charge on the cable bill. We’re thanking others because that’s what you do. Even when you don’t really mean it. They’re two words that mean so much. And yet often, so little.

Today is a special day in this country; for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Given up privileges, luxuries, time, energy and intense emotion so that the rest of us have the freedoms we don’t always deserve. A designated date that comes around once per year to remind us to acknowledge the men and women who have served for our country. All of that and they get one day. ONE DAY. On top of that, many veterans struggle to find a job. Maintain a roof over their head. Access quality healthcare. But hey, here’s a free meal at a participating restaurant. A kind gesture? Yes. But is it adequate? No. So let me just say how those two little words hardly seem significant enough. Especially when I recently said thank you to the employee at the local gas station when I stopped in to pay for gas and a soda; someone who was entirely preoccupied with her coworker as she ranted about the dirty dishes her boyfriend left in the sink overnight {Oh honey. So. Much. I. Could. Say. At least they made it into the sink!}…all the while taking my method of payment without eye contact or reciprocating any form of courtesy. Yep. Thank you. Two words that need a lot more today.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure our country is prepared to offer more than those words. Even though it’s heavily warranted. For our grandparents. Fathers. Uncles. Cousins. Friends. Maybe you’re reading this and your spouse is currently active-duty. Or a sibling. Or your child. Bottom line. We all know someone who deserves more than words. So if you can figure out a way to accompany that gratitude and appreciation, do it! And then run for congress. Because these individuals need more. Sometimes a simple thank you is enough. And sometimes it’s not.

Veterans Day


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