Nailed it

Nailed it

Snickers gets our family. And so does my husband. He brought these home and I could only laugh. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Nailed it.

What’s wrong? Nothing. You don’t act like it’s nothing. It’s NOTHING. CONFUSED husband.

Mom, can I have a snack? I don’t care. What can I have? I don’t care. Are you tired? Yes. SLEEPY mother.

Time to take a shower and brush your teeth. Then it’s bedtime. Noooooo!! Whyyyyyyyy?! Because you’re a ten year old boy. You’re dirty. And because I said so. WHINY child.

Getting up two to three times a night because she can. And because her bloody murder screams do no one any good. Just two hours into the day and I can tell it’s going to be a fun one. CRANKY toddler.

Apparently you’re not you when you’re confused, sleepy, whiny or cranky. But sometimes that’s okay. Because even at their worst, they’re still the very best. We do all these things. Sometimes all too well. But that’s life. And it’s perfectly alright.


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