You’re invited

You're invited

The kind of invite that pops up in your email or your social media that either elicits a deep groan of annoyance or else a squeal in excitement. Or the kind of invite you’re too scared to send. Direct sales companies. You either love them. Or you hate them. I happen to love them. I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to gather with some lovely ladies? Indulge in yummy eats. Drink a little lot of wine. Double over in excessive laughter. Or really, allow you to acknowledge the fact that you just escaped the chaos you call home and left the fate of your children in the hands of your significant other?! Hello. That’s probably the best part right there! And if you haven’t experienced any of the above then unfortunately your friends kind of suck and you might need to come to one of my parties. So holler. I’ll add you to my guest list.

This is a form of entrepreneurship that doesn’t always get the kind of respect that it really should. Mainly due to its multi-level marketing or network marketing business model. But here’s my take on that. The company isn’t wasting its time on lame television or radio ads to sell its product(s). Instead they’re employing and empowering women {and some men} to be an independent business owner and do the advertising for them. In my opinion, that’s a win-win for all involved. It’s about supporting the local aspect of business. And I looooove small businesses and local vendors. I love purchasing things that can’t be found in your typical retail store or on Amazon. {Don’t get me wrong. I do love my Amazon. Um…Prime Now. Thank you for making it entirely possible for me to never leave my home}. I can assure you it’s more than a generic product. These are typically high-quality items that are backed by some serious guarantees. And they’re being touted by women who are benefiting directly from your support. Brave women. Because they’ve calculated the risk to step outside their comfort zone in order to represent a company {and a product} they believe in. Your support is giving them the opportunity to contribute to the needs of their family. Putting food on their table. Allowing their child(ren) to be a part of a team or teaching them a new skill. Paying their utility bill. Or maybe gifting them supplemental privileges that they wouldn’t otherwise garner. Plus, you get to reward your hostess with some awesome party perks. THIS is local support. THIS is small business America. And THIS is what I love most.

Ah yes, but here it comes… {GASP} the home party. The caveat that separates I’ll think about it from I’ll do itUgh, that means pressuring my friends and family to come listen to a presentation, shop a catalog and buy something. Nope, no it doesn’t. It means you get the opportunity to open up your home to your friends and family. See some beautiful faces. Shop. Laugh. And just enjoy one another’s company. Your guests should never feel pressured to buy something. If they are, then you might be going about this whole thing wrong. In which case, contact me and I’ll coach you through that. 🙂 Ugh, this means I feel obligated to go and buy something. Nope, no it doesn’t. It’s okay if you’re not interested in every party. You don’t have to be. So politely decline the invitation and move on. But stop discounting your friend or family member who took the time to think of you and extend an invite. Now if this said friend is also inviting two hundred other individuals to her home party, I can’t help that lack of sincerity and you have my blessing to decline that quicker than you can say thanks but no thanks. I’m talking about legitimate parties put on by a genuine soul that don’t include every single person the hostess has ever met. Because this is about support. It’s not a contest.

I have a handful of ladies that I love to support. Ones who keep my Pinterest experimenting afloat with nifty kitchen gadgets. Ones who keep my house clean and safe with eco-friendly and non-toxic products. Ones who allow me to accessorize with some serious sparkle. Ones who jazz up my natural nails. Ones who make me look like I actually have eyelashes. And ones who feed my passion for organization, functionality and fashion all in one. {Oh wait, that one is me}. These ladies are all phenomenal and excited about what they do. That’s the extra special beauty. They bring passion, experience and love for something they want to share with all of you. So give them a chance. Give your friend a chance. It’s more than just a home party. It’s an experience. So consider all of this the next time you find yourself moaning and groaning at the sight of another party invite. Or make the decision to host a party yourself, support an amazing woman and get some free kick-ass stuff along the way. It won’t hurt, I promise.

I attended my own Direct-selling company’s product premier this weekend for our new upcoming catalog and it reminded me why I’m involved in this kind of business. And why I strive to support other women doing the very same thing. It’s about being authentic, courageous, passionate and purposeful. I believe in it.


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