Holiday Taint

For real. I cannot even believe I typed that. The week between Christmas and New Year’s. It should really have its own designation. But perhaps something that doesn’t make you [or others] blush when you speak it. Holiday Taint. According to the Urban Dictionary, New Year’s is the butt-end of the year and Christmas is all the goodies. Yep. And that’s how you get the in-between definition. Radical. Try explaining that one to your Grandma.

Whatever you want to call it. It’s a weird period. A bizarre purgatory. A warp zone. Days that don’t seem to exist in real-time. Holiday Taint A full week of ambiguity as we wander around aimlessly. And I’m trying to figure out why that is.

  • Maybe it’s because I just crammed nearly a months’ worth of calories into a couple days and now my insides need their own vacation. So this week is the perfect excuse to just sit around until I’m forced to rejoin the ranks in January.
  • Maybe it’s because my oldest is off school and therefore all routine and structure is out the window. Changing from your night pajamas to your day pajamas is completely legitimate. Or maybe you’re not changing at all and that’s totally okay. No judging, here.
  • Maybe it’s because I’m not actually preparing any formal meals since the fridge is packed with leftovers and the counter is piled high with cookies, cakes, candy and straight up granulated sugar. You know very well time loses all meaning when you’re not planning your day around breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Maybe it’s because my kids need some dedicated existence to play with their new Christmas presents for you know very well they won’t touch over half of them when time starts to count again.
  • Maybe it’s because when you turn the news on, you don’t recognize anyone. Calling all interns. Those Top 10 lists can’t read themselves. Important current events just got put on hold until the rest of the world is back on track.
  • Maybe it’s because my youngest doesn’t sleep. So the universe is giving me a mind-numbing week designated solely for as much rest as possible… Nope. It’s definitely not that.
  • Maybe it’s because all those folks who started listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween need a lengthy bereavement period.
  • Maybe it’s because the trash and recycling pickup are off. You know your week is scheduled around that day. Especially if you still have a kid in diapers.
  • Maybe it’s because I need an entire week to focus on the last year just to help me come up with what I want to change about the new one.

Or maybe it’s because we just spent a huge amount of our time, energy, resources and emotion to prepare us for one day. And despite how you spent your Christmas, it takes a period of time to see us through the holiday hangover. In the words of my awesome four-year old nephew, I need some alone time because I’m grumpy in my soul. Indeed. We could all use this undefined stretch to restore our soul, give us space and allow us to take in all the moments that brought us here. Because in a matter of days we’ll find ourselves entering another unfamiliar territory – a new year with new beginnings. And that in and of itself is worthy of this enigmatic time.


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