Eye do

Part of it is you. And the other part is…well…you. You’re half me. Which makes you half Asian. And lucky {or unlucky} for you, you got my eyes. Almond-shaped and squinty. So you might as well embrace it.

My oldest is struggling more and more with taking a good picture. He’s always had a little coy smile, never cheesy and downright adorable. But as he gets older, getting him to grin without looking like an awkward teen is testing the memory in my iPhone. Nope, you look like a dork. Try again. Nope, your eyes are closed. Nope, you didn’t smile. Does something hurt? Why do you look like you’re in pain? He’s not a teenager yet. Or hardly even a tween. But since his mother is particular {sometimes merciless} and would prefer to capture suitable memories that don’t include the poster child for Awkward Family Photos, we plow through until there’s at least one acceptable photo. And when it happens, it’s beautiful. Eye do

Mom, why do my eyes always look all squinty? Because you were blessed and tortured with my eyes. Indeed. The very trait that makes eye makeup a daily grievance and picture-taking a slight casualty. While he won’t need to fret about the eye makeup part he does seem to be traveling down the same irritating path I did as a child. I disliked getting my picture taken because it was inevitable that my eyes would either be closed or squinty {without a hint of sun to blame}. And back then, we didn’t have the digital luxuries we do today so it was a hold-your-breath-and-pray kind of moment in hopes that at least one photo turned out, worthy enough to frame. And if it didn’t, well then I guess I was stuck with double prints of something awful.

But how come Maelyn doesn’t have squinty eyes? My daughter got the good genetics. The perfect combination of my outer eye shape but the full roundness from my husband. They’re simply gorgeous, if I may be so bold to admit. And lucky for her, she doesn’t have the same kind of mismatched peepers that both my son and I have when we smile. But as the years have grown on me, I’ve become far less concerned about this genetic pest. It is what it is. Really, more grateful that I have two eyes that open each day. Although, it still doesn’t stop me from being a handful of annoying when it comes time to snap a pic. {Just add that to the rest of my personal resume as a wife and mom}.

I’m certain we all have some sort of genetic blemish we aren’t so fond of. And as life usually goes; experienced a period of time where that [perceived] flaw has been great cause for frustration, insecurity, tears and/or downright contempt. But since God created each of us with his own careful detail, it’s pretty safe to say our imperfections are exactly what makes us so excellent. As the saying goes, all beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder. So, keep smiling. Because that’s what eye do!


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