A contradiction of indecent exposure

Nudity sells. It always has. But it used to be a little more discreet. In fact, our entire world was a lot more private before the digital age blew up. And it’s almost archaic trying to recall what life was like before virtual communication consumed our every essence. The integration of social media is about as notorious as the invention of the first car. It has changed the way we live. Exploitation isn’t just delivered to your doorstep anymore. It’s in the palm of your hand. But even though it’s more readily available, it still doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Did you know that if you post nude selfies on Instagram then you’re just asking for an outcry of critics? Oh, Kim Kardashian…you didn’t know that?! Puh-lease. {My eyes are rolling so hard they might very well get stuck in the back of my head}. Celebrities that bring out the worst in us. She would be mine.

I realize much of this world considers themselves faithful fans. Obviously. Or else she wouldn’t be so obnoxiously relevant. I also know there are some haters. I don’t consider myself a hater, per se. Maybe a step or two above that. But not by much. Because I have a really hard time getting on board with a family who’s (in)famous for being…famous. I realize every celebrity has a platform and had to start somewhere. But for many, it was a song. A movie. A show. A win. Or a runway. The family of the late attorney who was involved in the trial of the century is not a legitimate reason that is comparable to the likeness of those who worked hard to find their place. But unfortunately that’s the lousy part of society. It’s not always what you know…but who you know. And while I wish Kim Kardashian would just go away, there is one thing that leaves me with a SMALL ounce of intrigue; she must be somewhat intelligent to know how to maintain her powerful grip on the media. Or is it just desperation sustained by the right amount of stupidity? Because that kind of ignorance also seems to keep people relative, these days.

A contradiction of indecent exposurePublicly posting nude photos {of oneself} means two things. Either you are incredibly insecure or you’re just that narcissistic. Women use their sexuality as a weapon only when they need affirmation. Or because their ego fuels an image that gets lost in translation. Both, equally amiss. And in the case of Kim Kardashian, I fear it’s a little bit of both. Wildly talented or not, your abilities are quickly shrouded when you lack a sense of modesty and simple reverence for others. I don’t consider her talented. I just believe she was gifted the resources to bring herself to the top. Does she have talents? I’m sure she does. But those aren’t what the world is seeing. Because that’s not what she’s showing off. So instead of recognizing that or using her inadvertent fame to rise above the critics, she seems to adopt the disapproval and find new ways to shock people into further disturbance or interest. It’s smart and sick.

Kim is a walking contradiction. She wants to flaunt her imperfections and commission women to feel strong in their own skin. And then seconds later she’s touting her four hour beauty routine {and that’s only for a low-key event} to cover up every flaw. FOUR HOURS?! So her ongoing complaint that whatever she does is going to be harshly judged and unfairly critiqued just sends my head spinning. Will she always be judged? Most certainly. That’s pretty much part of the fame game, no matter who you are. But if she took a step back, grabbed a hold of a little self-respect and eliminated the need to shamefully boast her body then the crude critiquing would probably taper off to a normal degree. Her recent essay on International Women’s Day would have easily been embraced without a nude photo. Because if you really wanted to be a sensible voice for female empowerment and positive body image, then you wouldn’t need to resort to splashing your lady bits and pieces all over the internet. Your words and your character would speak enough volumes. So for someone who has such an influential position in the media, perhaps someday she’ll consider promoting a new platform and using her name to brand a noble cause. Then I may very well move myself from scoffer to supporter.


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