Me Myself and I

Four years ago it was a ‘Top 10’ buzzword. Three years ago the Oxford English Dictionary deemed it the “word of the year”. And two years ago, it was officially accepted as a legitimate word in Scrabble. Selfie. You love them. And you hate them. All at the same time. But I’m going to tell you that it’s okay to love them. Really.

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that we kind of like ourselves. Like, when we actually take a shower and get dressed in clothes that aren’t stretchy. Jeans. My oldest knows that jeans means I’m leaving the house. Brush our hair and maybe even put some makeup on. The moments that bring us back to life and make us feel like we sort of belong. And those are the ones that are worthy of a selfie. A good selfie. Really.

Bad lighting. Bad angles. Bad smile. That’s the beauty of a selfie. You get to take as many as you want until you land an acceptable one. Filter or no filter. The digital age has created an obsession. But don’t be scared. It doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with yourself. You just know that people like to judge. Knowingly. Or unknowingly. And it’s always better to face the fight with a smile. So snap away. Really.

Profile pictures. We post ones with friends. Family. Flowers. Food. But people hesitate to put up their solo self for fear of what others might think. I get it. I’ve been there. A lot. But the older I get, the more I realize how ridiculous it is to spend time worrying about what people think. Because guess what. They’re going to think it no matter what you do or say. All the time. So if you want to post a selfie on your social media account. Do it. Really.

Don’t worry. I’m not blinded to the other side of this argument. You know, the one that’s dominantly led by Kim K. I’m not suggesting you spend countless hours painting on your face and then posing for a thousand selfies, just to create a coffee table book. Nope. That’s narcissism at some of its very finest. I’m talking about genuine feel-good moments that lift our spirits. Make us feel pretty. And create digital evidence that we’re not afraid to get in front of the lens. I know your camera roll is FILLED with photos of your kids. What you had for dinner the other night. Your latest DIY project. And the random pictures that you don’t even remember taking. Or why. Those are all totally okay. But show us your face from time to time. Because believe it or not, we like to see it. Really.

Self-love gets a bad rap. But try and remember that this is considered a desirable characteristic rather than a narcissistic one. Be brave and bold. Not cocky and conceited. Because you’re a pretty amazing individual and it’s alright to share that every now and then. Really.

See you on the other side. about-me-profile-3


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