No Sweat

Is it safe yet? Can I come out from hiding? I have been on a social media hiatus, for the most part at least. The week leading up to the election and last week, following the election. Because my head. And my heart. Oh my goodness. I have never been more overwhelmed with disgust. I just could not stand to scroll for those two weeks. And since all most of the people I’m connected with on Facebook are [considered] friends and family, it was basically an act of avoidance. But social media is a huge part of our daily lives and it’s become a semi-vital outlet for business, work and play. So I knew I needed to get back on the saddle. So here I am, gritting my teeth and taking a deep breath. Hold your fire, I’m coming in.

I have always had a hard time saying no. Because I’m just not that secure. But in the light of the recent political and social events, I found it a tad easier to utter the very small word. Because it meant shielding myself from the kind of negativity that just does not do a body good. It was a bit refreshing to be able to say “no” to social media and distract myself with other vices. So maybe that’s what I need to consider, going forward? I just need to think about how it does my body [mind and soul] good. And if it doesn’t, then elect to omit. Does anyone else struggle to evade? If you’ve been following, you know my seasonal mission is to be more mindful with my time and learn to say “no” to life. So I’m going to assume this is just another step in my pursuit. Taking charge. One small sweat at a time.

I hate taking my vehicle in to get the oil changed. Because I struggle to say no. And then I walk away with added expenses that have been deemed unnecessary by a certain individual that I live with. I swear they see me coming a mile away. I mean, walk out into the waiting area and show me my horribly dirty air filter while I sit with the kids in a lobby filled with other patrons who can overhear that I’m driving around with such filth? Yes, change it! Except, no more. The next oil change I’m going to say no. And I hope there’s a huge crowd in the waiting area to witness. {Actually no, I pray there is not. Baby steps}.

no-sweatOne word. Target. And their gift card offers. Buy five items listed and get a $5 gift card. Really?! Yep. Who cares that we don’t need any more lotion, deodorant or toothpaste for another three months. We’re getting it because a $5 gift card is at stake! Alright. I can’t legitimately promise to say no to these, altogether. I mean, it’s Target. And three of us now use deodorant. So maybe I’ll try to highlight only the gift card offers of $10…

Free shipping! If you spend X amount. Guilty. And I’m sure my husband would like to give me a swift kick in the butt for this one. These kinds of emails literally have me by the non-existent balls because they know I’m the ideal shopper. Sure, load up the cart. Especially when all I needed was one new camisole. ONE. And now I have every color of the rainbow hanging in my closet. But hey, I saved $7.95! Online shopping is evil. Except Nordstrom. They were made for people like me. {I said I would say no to life. Not love}.

Small sweats, aside. This past week revealed that it IS possible for me to shut down when I feel so burdened. I’m not necessarily sure that’s a good thing but I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing either. I just know that I have the power to pull myself away from the negative affairs and shed light on the greater goodness in my life. I focused on the things I can control and I found myself following through on efforts that gave me promise to say “yes” rather than the laden efforts to say “no.” My car. My checkbook. My closet. Those things will change. But my body. My mind. And my soul are here to stay. So I am learning to feed them well. Even if it means taking something away.


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