Oh My Sole

I am cruising along on the motherhood-mill. You know, the one you mostly walk on daily because that’s about all you can handle. There might be days you kick it up a notch because you’re feeling spunky. But most of the time you know you’re moving but feel like you’re getting nowhere.

It’s been a solid three years since we had a gym membership. Largely because I had zero desire to keep up with it when I got pregnant. My time was spent kneeling to the porcelain gods so the idea of going out in public to pursue physical activity was not a high priority. Or even a low one. And then after having my daughter, I was too tired to even stand up let alone go work out. Nineteen months before she slept through the night will do that to you. But life is running like a well-oiled machine and I don’t really have any more excuses. Okay that’s not true at all. I have a plethora of them! But I figure it’s probably time I make a gritty effort at moving my feet forward rather than watching them stand still.

Somehow I let a friend talk me into giving a new gym concept a try. It’s only the second franchise in the state and so far, the only one in the metro area. We were lucky enough to nab a free thirty-day trial with their grand opening. Genuinely free. No payment information upfront. No strings attached. So last weekend we attended the orientation and this week we are in the trenches of getting our butts kicked. Hard. What’s worse?! We decided to attend the 5:30AM session. For anyone who knows me well, you can stop laughing right about now. I already got the snorts and snickers from the husband and my oldest when I told them my plan. Because yeah, I’m not a morning person. In any way, shape or form. And this early rising stuff is dreadful. But the concept is perfect [for me]. And I’m on a mission to see it through. Boot camp style led by a dynamic personal trainer. The kind who isn’t married. Doesn’t have kids. Looks great. Feels great. And has more energy than a cage full of toddlers. Wait. Did I just put cage and toddler in the same sentence?? I meant hyenas. So of course they’re going to kick our butt because no one else is kicking theirs at home. Leaving them with plenty to dish out at 5:30. But it’s just what I need so I’m all in. Forty-five minute power-packed sessions that offer individualized training in a group setting. Nutrition counseling. And unprecedented support. It’s the ideal combination for the targeted audience. Women. Mainly moms. We love our kids. We love our wine. And we love some solo time. But maybe we don’t love how we look, how we think or how we feel. So we’ve come to a place to help us improve. It will be a soaring success. I can already tell. Because I’m sore as hell. Not super thrilled about starting my day off at 4:30. {Especially in the middle of winter}. But I haven’t passed out or thrown up. And it’s the first group setting that hasn’t left me feeling intimidated, inferior or downright out of place. And that is something I know I’m not alone in.


I’ve joined a community of women who are there to support each other. Raise the bar. Do something for themselves. And find comfort in the idea that we don’t always have to be cruel. Competitive. Or cold. Even if some move faster than others, we’re all making strides. It’s not political. It’s not religious. It’s not judgmental. And it sure as heck isn’t exclusive. It’s about growth. Inspiration. Empowerment. And transformation. And I am excited to be a part of THAT over anything else. It feels good to do something for my soul. Something that will lift my entire well-being and favor me from the inside out. What’s something you’ve been putting off but deep down you know it’ll be good for you? I would encourage you to step out and do it. Or at the very least, give it a try. Because you must start in order to be unstoppable.


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