Merciful and Purposeful

Tuesdays are mine. It’s the day that sets my spirit in motion for the rest of the week. Do you have one of those? A day or an activity that sets the others apart? If you don’t, you should.

We all need something that fills our [spiritual] cup. And for me, it’s fellowship with a small group of women. We cover the gamut on age, life experiences, interests, hobbies and roles. But we share one substantial thing in common – a love for Jesus. For the last year, Tuesday mornings have been reserved for my Bible Study. A commitment that I enjoy, look forward to and embrace. One that I left behind for many years but found myself being called back upon. I’ve connected with a supportive group of ladies who refuel my passion for the Lord on a weekly basis and provide me with contemplative thought on the ways in which He works in my life. It’s what my soul requires and it’s what my soul desires. This is our second study together and it’s been an inspirational one. A relatable one. And one with great humility. Because that is where we are best met with Him.

Worry not, if this kind of relationship isn’t your thing, I’m not going to preach. Pressure. Or proclaim. But I am going to brag. You see, my life story is a wicked one. It’s super messy. It’s horribly unpolished. Incredibly painful. And pretty callous. But oh my goodness, was my God a faithful one. And did he ever deliver me from the chains of those afflictions. It took time. Much more than I would have liked. But it’s a sure bet that we are called to wait for the moments He has prepared for us. There are few people on this earth who know everything I’ve been through. And there are even less who walked me through it. However, I hold no resentment for that loneliness because my current days are bright. They’re beautiful. They’re filled with abounding gratitude. And they are a direct result of my sacred relationship with Him; the essence that delivers my mind, my heart and my soul. Has helped grant me greater purpose in life. And what gives me strength. Despite the darkness, I never gave up hope. I got lost along the way. But I always found my way back. So this is why I get to brag. And when I tell you that my [spiritual] cup requires a weekly fill. I mean it. I cannot allow myself to lose sight of where I’ve been, how I got here and where I’m going. So I rely on my faith and my God to give me daily direction so that I can continue to pen a story…with a merciful and purposeful ending. Merciful and Purposeful

I arrived here by trust. It’s been a painful place to get but a beautiful place to stay. If you try it, I can promise your own report will prove to be a great one.



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