Fuel Good. Feel Good.

Trying to live well. Be well. Do well. And feel well. So they say, fuel your body to become a fat burning machine and a muscle-building monster. I’m game. Except I’m falling behind this month and my fuel tastes a lot like lettuce. I am losing track of how many times I’ve walked into our pantry, only to stand there, groan and then turn back around and walk out. I’m participating in this dreadful 30-day challenge and it’s making me lose my mind. Up in here. Up in here. [Sorry, that was unavoidable]. But see what I mean? Between the exhaustion of life lately and the fact that I can’t crunch on my beloved salty snacks, it has me semi-delirious. I mean, I just did a play on DMX. How else would you describe me?!

My early morning boot camp. You’ve listened to me rave about it. Or you’ve seen the social media posts. It’s been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a really, really long time. Except for this month. I made the personal commitment to join the brand’s signature 30-day challenge that’s being executed for this entire month. And holy moly, it’s a discipline that I am not cut out for. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Nope. Nope. And nope. I should’ve said nope! It’s hard. It’s making me crabby. And it’s not a lifestyle I would ever decide to commit to for the long term. Because it’s not reasonable. There. I said it. As much as I love my morning burn, the friendships I’ve formed and the strength, endurance and confidence I’m building daily. I am not in love with this challenge. I don’t do well with elimination. Period. I hold an undergraduate degree in Health Science. And I have never been on board with any sort of elimination diet or food plan. There’s a reason it’s not a sustainable method. And it’s simply not a form of training that I agree with. Yet here I am…engaging in one this very minute. And I hate it. HATE. IT.

The majority of the ten points in the plan are what you might expect. And a handful are even habits that I already comply with on a regular basis. But there’s a few that make the days quite long. Have you ever tried to drink your body weight in ounces of water?! (I’m pretty sure my daughter is starting to think the bathroom is my new office). And a couple that do not meet the criteria for a fair-minded, fully functioning mother. Do not consume alcohol. Do not consume grains. This is obviously just a recipe for agitation, depression and basically, surrendering the will to live. Because my happy hours with the girls are vital. And carbs? Well, they’re pretty much the glue that holds my marriage together.

Weight loss is hard. Gaining muscle is hard. Working out is hard. Eating healthy is hard. Life. IS HARD. But I am convinced it’s okay to give ourselves some grace. Everything is good manageable in moderation. Because truthfully, not everything IS good [for you]. However, when you are honest enough to decipher the difference then you’re more likely to be successful. You don’t have to cut out any one particular food group in order to gain the healthiest lifestyle. But you do have to take control and discipline yourself in ways that work for you. Because it’s all about finding the best version of yourself. And if the best version should cut some carbs, drink more water or sweat hard for an hour every day, then do it. It’s certainly not going to kill you. But only do it if it’s making you better. Drinking a daily boost elixir with apple cider vinegar, cayenne powder and a handful of other stuff is not making me better. Eliminating food choices is not making me better. But the month long challenge in itself is making me better. At least a little. Because it’s revealing a level of commitment and self-control that I haven’t really ever tested myself with before. I can’t say it’s a walk in the park but I’m determined to finish out the rest of the month. However, if you’re looking for me on the first of May, I’ll be saddled up somewhere with a juicy cheeseburger on a beautiful brioche bun with a heaping side of French fries and a tall cold beer. Because sometimes the best fuel for our body is simply what makes us happy.

Fuel Good. Feel Good.


2 thoughts on “Fuel Good. Feel Good.

  1. Absolutely love this post…I have been a workout regiment and have yet to cut ANYTHING out of my diet because, let’s face it, I LOVE food. So proud of you for doing something for you!

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