Turn It Up

Her body may be dead but her soul is alive and well inside our home. After all, a true legend never really dies. Boy, do I love me some Whitney Houston. She possessed the kind of talent that doesn’t exist in masses. And when the lives of those artists are tragically cut short, it’s even more reason to pay tribute to their tunes. And raise a new generation to recognize a rare gift.

I’m getting old. Or at least, older. And my usual tolerance for Top 40 music is wearing thin. The repetitive cycle of the same songs are hardly bearable anymore. And actually quite painful for the ones I dislike (which seems to be the majority). But since that’s “what the kids listen to these days” the commuting carpool is usually echoing the likes of the trendy tunes. So of course the youngest one has become a pro at recognizing the ones she likes best. And she’ll let you know when she wants it turned up.

Music is her jam. Literally. The girl practically stops, drops and rolls when she hears a favorite song. So I’m not ashamed to admit I introduced her to YouTube a few months ago. Because sometimes you just need to be productive without a tiny human hanging on you. Am I right? So if I must rely on a string of entertaining music videos then so be it. That’s how life goes on; the laundry gets done, bills get paid and the wreckage in our house gets cleaned up. (At least for a moment). But since I’m about to lose my mind over some Ed Sheeran…I had to start introducing new tunes, with or without her consent. So out came some fabulous throwbacks. Including a little Whitney Houston. Seriously. Go listen to I Wanna Dance with Somebody. And tell me it doesn’t make you want to sing and dance.

Music is one of life’s most beautiful expressions. Turn It UpI appreciate what it does for people and how it makes us feel. It alters our mood. Motivates us. Helps us connect with others. Bleeds some vulnerability. And it’s a sweet spot for every moment in life that requires healing, encouragement and growth. I’ve always had a love for the fine arts. I grew up in a musically inclined family. I played several instruments and I constantly listened to music whenever, wherever. [Still do]. It was my therapy. [Still is]. Because I believe music has the incredible ability to spark our spirit to sing. Even when it doesn’t feel like doing so.

My little girl has a beautiful sing-song soul that speaks volumes. For that sort of sweetness and a mutual affection for the rhythm and dance of life then I’ll certainly put up with more top charting tunes. As long as I can continue to dance with somebody.


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