A Good Bra A Good Squaw

Life isn’t hard when you’re simply strolling along. It really only knocks you down when you’re running on through. Because that’s ultimately when you trip up and tumble. And as fate would have it, I not only got knocked down, I’m pretty sure I also got trampled by a herd of turtles. After my previously mentioned series of troubling events and the shift in focus to just be still, I ended up finding myself immersed amidst another. A lengthy hospital stay (again) with my daughter left me even more exhausted. For as many times as I’ve had to do this with both my children, it still amazes me how unhinged I feel following the stay. It is honestly a true state of delirium when you’re quarantined in a hospital room without the chance to step foot outside for five days. Lord knows my sanity was in full question. However, I have returned. I’ve spent the past week getting back on track and mindfully marching to the routine beat of our household’s drum. And that kind of re-entry always comes with reflection.

Ladies, do you own a good bra??! Like, a GOOD bra. One that you can comfortably wear for twenty-four hours if you had to. If not, you need one! That kind of comfort presents some solid support. And the necessary kind when you’re in fight or flight mode. I’m talking all facets. Support is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But it’s often revealed during some of your most vulnerable states. And that’s hard for people. But as you get older, you tend to realize that it’s absolutely okay to let those weaknesses be exposed. And it’s okay to accept some help. To let others see your naked face. Your dirty hair. Your puffy eyes. And to hear the exhaustion in your voice. I have never been a person who accepts help real well. I would rather grunt and groan on my own, plow through whatever I have to, stand up independently and save the breakdowns behind closed doors. But age has come with the recognition of how silly that is. How stubborn that is. And even, how self-absorbed that can be. God gave us each other. He wants us to love one another. Lift up one another. And lead one another.

Tribe 4

Ladies, get yourself a good bra. One that serves you well in times of rest and times of test. It’s SO VERY IMPORTANT. I’ve got one. And it was bared last week.  My primary pillar of support. Support for my girls {wink wink} and support for my [little] girl. I was able to survive five long days holed up in the hospital because of it. And I’m so very grateful. My bra is comfortable, versatile, durable and supportive. It’s made up of beautiful women who rushed to the aid of myself and my family. More so than anyone else in my life. They’re women who may not know my entire life story but they were the first ones to offer their heart and their help. They’re women that are in it for the lifelong haul. And they’re women who know EXACTLY what it means to love, lift and lead. They are my ultimate band and brace. And the kind I can comfortably find myself in for twenty-four hours, three hundred and sixty five days. That’s the kind you need to find, to fit and to friend.


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