Peace. Not Paralysis.

The view is beautiful. It’s bright. It’s warm. And it’s still. Peace. Not Paralysis.I am finally in a place where positivity glows. It gleams. And it far outweighs the past. Because my past was negative. It was dark. It was hurtful. And it was HARD. But God pulled me through it. And I slowly made my way to the other side. Yes, it gets cloudy. Yes, it rains. And yes, it still gets cold. But those dreary spells are usually short and sweet. This favorable relocation was a tiresome practice of recognizing the peace amidst imperfection. And coming to terms with guilt-free loss.

It’s been a semi-conscious state of creating distance between the people, places and things that once tore me down [or at the very least, failed to lift me up]. And with solid reflection, it has worked. Because when you find yourself tossing out the toxic, you’re making a mindful effort to save your soul. And your sanity. Negative people are stressful. SO STRESSFUL. And for the longest time I thought I had to bear those kinds of burdens. I was certain that’s what life came with in order to keep those in my life that I perceived had purpose in being there. But let’s get something straight – that’s not at all how it’s supposed to go. You don’t have to maintain those relationships. You don’t have to step foot in those places. And you don’t have to embrace those things.

I know that each and every one of you have destructive demons or poisonous people in your presence. And they’re often hard to let loose. But those negative elements amongst your existence are limiting you from leading a happier life. You deserve to give yourself the gift of peace…and not lay victim to the paralysis. I’m not here to tell you that it’s painless or a piece of cake. But I can tell you that it’s worth the effort and all the grievous moments. Because the view on this side is simply self-possessed.


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