Pumpkin Sheets and Apple Eats

You can call me a minority or you can scoff but I do not understand the pumpkin spice passion. Seriously. People are obsessed and every season something new explodes. Is it more of a trend than a taste??? Cheerios has joined the craze. Target has dedicated space fueling the flavor. And I heard a local pizza place has crafted a pumpkin spice pizza. Bippity Boppity POO. Help. Because I think it’s overrated.

I recently read an article that calls for washing your bedding every three nights, to stay optimal when it comes to eliminating the germs that breed bacteria. I’m sorry. WHAT?! Friends, you may want to keep your distance because my family is probably swimming in bacteria then. Who on earth has the time to strip beds and wash the sheets TWICE A WEEK??? Admittedly, I consider it a win when I get them all done weekly. And quite frankly, more than half the time the youngest isn’t even sleeping in her bed. And the husband falls asleep on the couch more times than I can count. But hey, if you’re washing those suckers a couple times a week then help. Because you can come do mine.

If you’re a true techie and crave the most up to date, newest version of every Apple gadget that debuts then I imagine you’re pretty stoked about the upcoming version of the iPhone®. With an all new glass design. Because the target audience for that practical construction would be………? And holy smokes. Someone please tell me how a cell phone is EVER worth paying nearly a whopping $1K for?! Help. Because that’s just ridiculous.

I’ve been seeing a lot of social media posts about some pretty hearty breakfasts before school. I don’t know if it’s an extra special gesture because the new academic year has kicked off [four weeks ago…]. But props to the supermom who’s sweating in the kitchen before the sun comes up.  For me, that early morning time is for me. Because it’s the only freaking time of day that I get to myself. So I rock my workout and enjoy my breakfast in peace. Before I become a slave to the constant go of little feet and the chaotic carpool of those larger feet. Besides, I’m lucky if my oldest grabs even a single raisin on his way out the door. Heck if he’s going to get up early enough to sit down and appreciate some fluffy pancakes. And this morning my almost three-year old DEMANDED leftover mac and cheese before 8:00AM. But hey, at least she ate. And considering what an epic battle that can be in and of itself, can’t that be sufficient enough? If not, help. Because then I’m definitely falling short.

First-world problems with first-world help? Certainly. But we must also remember that privileged doesn’t have to mean pretentious. I find that people struggle with the difference between authentic misunderstandings and ignorance. I’m not perfect. I have opinions. I have preferences. And sometimes I simply don’t get something that I come across. I may not like some Pumpkin Spice. I may not spend my money on a fancy phone. I may not be the perfect house maid or bake my family a big breakfast. But we’re surviving. Often, even with a sincere smile. So, every now and then I just need someone to tell me that the way I’m doing this life is good enough. And good enough is sometimes perfectly okay. Pumpkin Sheets and Apple Eats


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