Of Life and Lemons

I don’t think I’ve ever gone a full month without connecting with my readers. But unfortunately when life requires some omission, it’s my sideline sentiments that get the backseat boot. Don’t think I haven’t had plenty I wanted to say. It’s just that many of my recent reflections have felt a little forsaken with an ongoing struggle to finish a solid thought. Because…lemons.

200388719-001When life hands you a lemon and someone tells you just make lemonade, do you ever want to tell them to pour their lemonade where the sun don’t shine? No? Just me? Or is there a pool of people who want to join me in admission?

A negative moment doesn’t mean you’re a negative person. And I kind of get tired for having to give an excuse for the times when life is really just a little lousy. It happens. And I move on. But for goodness sakes, just let me have my sour moment rather than slaying me for the cynicism. If you’re bouncing through life in the cheeriest of states ALL THE TIME then good for you. Really. But I think you’re hiding behind something and failing to be truthful. Because no one’s life is ever that perfect. So, stop telling me to just make lemonade! Guess what?! Sometimes lemonade is not as sweet as it might sound. And sometimes it’s just not what I’m looking for. Because every now and then I might just want a moment of sour solitude where I can commiserate with someone else who understands the acidic aspects of life and doesn’t mind sharing in moments of frustration, grief or irritation. It’s how we relate. Believe it or not, people actually find deeper connection in the poorest of circumstances and the unfortunate inconveniences over the periodic celebrations and the success. We relate more authentically knowing other people are walking through a life filled with challenge, struggle, loss, pain and regret. It seems incredibly somber but empathy was born out of concern and compassion and that comes with feelings of affliction. It’s certainly not a way of life….but it happens to be actual life. So how come it’s such a crime to keep it real?

The world is sometimes just too people-y. It’s sometimes just too demanding. It’s sometimes just too hard. And it’s a lot of times far too troubling. So we can’t always be blamed for those lemon-like affairs. It’s impossible to defend off every distressing day. And even though I know that getting all tripped up in my terrible attitude is hardly the answer to a turnaround, sometimes it’s all I can muster myself to manage. I’ll snap out of it. I’ll recognize a better solution. And I’ll move on with a smoother state of mind. But until I do, just let me have my moment of sour stubbornness. Because I promise it’s not permanent. It’s just preparing me for something more superior.



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