Word to the Wise

The first month of twenty-eighteen is nearly over. Hard to believe?! It never ceases to amaze me that our thoughts on the future become so instantly the present.

A week after the New Year had started, I posted a question on social media asking others what their ONE word for 2018 was. I know that when each New Year makes its debut, the traditional approach is all about achieving a resolution. However, I have noticed in the past couple years a shift towards that all-inclusive and almost dreaded idea of making a resolution and then trying to drive yourself to form it into a reality. It’s stressful. People get largely caught up in the idea over the execution and it creates more failure than it does fortune. So the changing trend seems to be moving towards an act of intent – summed up in one word. And I think that is so much more attainable! It’s simple, straightforward and a lot more satisfying. Mostly because there’s less pressure. But also because there’s purpose. ACTUAL PURPOSE. I am certain that presenting yourself with one word, just ONE WORD to dedicate your internal and external efforts towards, throughout the coming twelve months is much more desirable. And deliberate.

As I mentioned, I proposed the question to my Facebook friends and these are the responses I was met with: {minus the one that the husband chimed in with. Golf. Seriously. As if that’s different from any other year. [SMH] Leave it to him to insert his endearing wit}.

Shine, Impact, Fit, Strong, Positivity, Harmony, Hope, Perspective, Simply, Wealth, Perseverance, Enjoy, Purpose, Brave, Self-love, Growth, Trust, Bold, Grace, Survival, Simplify, Badass, Independence, Peace, Love, Intentional and Change.

All are beautiful examples of words that I believe can bring about so much more action than a(n) [unmet] resolution. I smiled with each comment that came through because I hope for those who responded, it meant they were legitimately aiming to include that word into their daily lives on as many levels possible. After all, saying something out loud (publicly announcing on a social platform) keeps you a lot more accountable, right? Who knew that a single word could be incredibly significant and hold so much strength?! I didn’t plan to inquire with any of these individuals as to why they chose the word they did but I was happy to see so many powerful ones.

Word to the Wise

And for those of you wondering what MY one word is…I’ve selected ACCEPTANCE. Letting things be as they are. It’s a hard one [for me] on so many levels. But I’m truly determined to make strides with it, this year.

Pick a word. You don’t have to share it with anyone but write it down. Really. WRITE IT DOWN. Because if you aren’t sharing it with anyone, you need visual accountability. Let it serve as a reminder of your intentional efforts to emanate what that means. And let it be something that you focus on for the entire year. Tricky, I know. But do it for yourself. Because bettering ourselves is a healthy addiction.

I’ll check in at the end of this year to see how ya’ll did with the power of your promise!


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