A Doer Stays, A Talker Strays

I don’t like it when people respond with the generic phrase of “this too shall pass.” Of course it will. But that cheeky statement is one of my most disliked. It devalues a person’s hardship. It’s dissing to an individual’s existing reality. And it just sounds so incredibly insincere.

Misfortune. Bad karma. Poor luck. Tough break. Whatever it is, it sometimes gets the best of us. Life has a way of ruffling your feathers when you’re unprepared. And we can’t always be expected to roll with the punches. So, when I get a little knocked down (or at the very least, stumble backwards) you can save the artificial support and you can most definitely silence that stinky statement. Because sometimes, words aren’t what I’m looking for. Are they valuable? Of course. But they’re not always the kind of platform that offers peace of mind. We are a breed that requires action and observable movement. It’s how we operate, execute and enjoy life. Words will take you only so far and sometimes, not at all.

Recently, my lovely lady tribe surprised me with a delivery that let me know they were thinking of me. And their kind gesture just so happened to taste as sweet as the thought. It brought a smile to my face and offered more than any words could at the time. Because they are the kind of people who stand behind you, for you and with you 100% despite knowing or not knowing the circumstances of your momentary crisis. Sometimes it takes a genuine act of thoughtfulness and intentional good will to be the language of love.

Friends, we are lucky if our circle is a small one. Yes. In this case, bigger is not always better. Because the larger your circle, the greater the distance. You can’t cultivate intimate friendships with every single Facebook friend. So don’t even try to. It’s a silly waste of time if that’s your goal. Find a modest sized posse who will be the rock when you waver and the safeguard when you stumble. It will do wonders for your soul even when all you want to do is surrender.

Our human nature is to automatically react and respond. Words are good. Most of the time. But words are also cheap. It’s actually the practice of protect and preserve that offers more prestige. However, that authentic assignment is kind of a sacred one and it isn’t designated for every person in your life. So, pick your pack wisely and shine a light on the ones who know when to say the things and when to do the things. Because people can easily doubt what you say but they will almost always believe what you do.



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