Spring, summer, fall and winter. Seasons of the year that come and go with predictability. The loss of each one isn’t terribly dramatic because we know it’ll come back around again. Even if Mother Nature derails us from time to time, the calendar does most of the regulating. If only the seasons of our relationships could be met with the same kind of steadiness. Because this is a loss that’s much more striking and doesn’t earn the same assurance. These seasons also come and go…but very rarely return.

We need people. They nurture our soul more than any kind of material object can. On the flip side, they also cause the most detriment and harm to our hearts. If you’re a loyal individual (almost to a fault), you spend much of your time and energy trying to safeguard various relationships; family, friends, colleagues, neighbors. It can be an exhausting effort and often, one that leaves little in return. But we do it because we feel like we need to; failing to recognize that people also have a season. Or perhaps we rightly recognize but we delicately dismiss.

Mother Nature called. She said it’s time to move on.

Stop allowing yourself to be hurt and angry by people who choose not to make you a priority. We’re not held by contract to keep those kinds of relationships running. When someone tells you they don’t have time, it means they won’t make time. Priorities get shifted with every season of our lives. It’s a must-have in order to grow and change. So if a relationship isn’t surviving your current state of focus, move on. Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I am guilty of letting that one sit on my tongue until it’s all chalky and choke-worthy. But I know my time is valuable…I’m valuable. And that kind of self-preservation is severely underrated. It’s an unpopular opinion to believe that we can put ourselves first. Mostly because that kind of placement can easily take a twisty turn down an egotistical trail. But before you go all Kimye on me, I just mean that it’s okay to put our feelings first. Stop and ask yourself, how does this relationship make ME feel??? We spend the majority of our day talking our inner monologue. And if that quiet discussion is filled with frustration, fury and forlorn then you know it’s time to discard and D-E-P-A-R-T. Take a cue from RENT and measure your seasons [of life] with love. Don’t spend another ounce of energy on the ones who matter least. You need that strength for the ones who matter most. Next!

YOU have a life to live. Brilliant people are waiting to be a part of your next season. Don’t keep them waiting.


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