Hi! I’m Alison, the voice behind Weakness for Words. But please, call me Ali.

I’m a mom of two, fiercely loyal friend, and a follower of Jesus. I LOVE to lead an active lifestyle but I LIVE to eat good food. Brunch is my favorite! My need to plan is borderline obnoxious, I’m detail-driven to a fault and delighted with all things purple. My most-loved style is a sweatshirt and some lipstick all the live long day. Fall is my favorite time of year but skip Halloween. I overthink everything and consider myself THE QUEEN of second guessing.

Korean-born. American-raised. I no longer apologize for who I am or where I come from. I’m a woman fueled by my faith with a firm belief in the strong forces of nature and nurture; living a life that manifests both.

I’m not here to please everyone. Just to inspire someone.

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