Not so traditional

Call me crazy but I have zero desire to slave away an entire day, preparing a dish that I don’t even like. Just because that’s what the tradition is. Turkey. It’s what everyone has at Thanksgiving. Well, maybe not everyone. But most. Except this family. We have salmon. Yep. Rich, flaky salmon topped with dill and pesto. Totally Thanksgiving-ish. Right?? Okay, maybe not so traditional. But I’m not a big turkey person. Never have been. Sure, I’ll choke it down when that’s what’s being served. However, if I’m hosting Thanksgiving at our home then we’re not having turkey. And don’t even get me started on the cranberries.

Luckily, my husband and son don’t have any sort of emotional attachment to turkey either. And the other one is too young to object. Don’t get me wrong. I love traditions. Really. They offer up comfort. Nostalgia. And sometimes they’re just easier. But I also love my family and I know that stuffing a big ole bird isn’t what makes this day comforting. Nostalgic. Or easy. So we do what we love. And have created our own traditional feast. Although, don’t bah-hum-bug us, just yet. {I might have my holidays mixed up}. We do gobble up several other traditions. I always watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Wait. Who am I kidding?? Sit and watch something in its entirety?! I’m not even sure I know the last time I had that luxury. So at the very least, I have it on in the background. No one else has much interest in that. Pretty sure my son watched about five minutes last year before he retreated to another TV in the house. At least he was kind and considerate. Oh, that’s neat!  What’s neat? That. The big balloon thingy. God love him.  Football. I live with two-crazed sports fans. And football is obviously no exception. So of course our main television is tuned in all day. ALL. DAY. But I guess that’s alright because that tradition leads right into the next. An afternoon nap. Ah yes, a rare luxury. But inevitably a Thanksgiving indulgence. All of you who find yourselves in a tryptophan-induced coma? Just place me in front of a television screen with two football teams that I care little about and it’s kind of the same thing. But heck, sleep is SLEEP! Until your daughter comes and smacks a toy in your face demanding your attention. After all, it’s not like she couldn’t go bother anyone else in the room. A solid ten minutes of rest?! Hey, I’ll take what I can get. Anything to put off doing all the dishes.

So even though we don’t do any carving. Fight over some greasy, slimy wish bone. Eat pumpkin pie. Or serve a bowl of reddish-colored mush. We do enjoy what the biggest Thanksgiving tradition is. Spending time with those we love and being thankful; recognizing all the blessings He’s granted us over the past year. And really, isn’t that what the holiday is supposed to be all about? Who cares if you eat turkey? Salmon. Or cheeseburgers. Do what makes you happy. And spend less time stressing over the tradition. I promise you’ll end the day feeling a whole lot better. Except for that sink full of dirty dishes…

Happy Thanksgiving, from our home to yours! What’s something that you eat or do on this holiday? Traditional or not so traditional? I promise I won’t judge. 

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