Bye Bye Bye

Don’t call me a millennial. Nope nope nope. And I don’t relate all that well with Gen X, either. If given the option, neither one really fits. Born in 1980; I feel like I’m somewhere in between. You might feel the same if you entered the world in the late 70’s to the very early 80’s. A generation born right on the cusp of a digital introduction. The technology wasn’t terribly advanced yet. Unless you think Oregon Trail and Number Munchers can be considered cutting-edge. Oh, the love. Can we just go back to these games for a while??! It’s probably the only time that you could laugh at your friend for getting dysentery.

Bye Bye Bye

I try and explain to my son that the computers Mom and Dad played on at school were heavier than his baby sister. He just stares at me with wide eyes. But how did you move them from room to room? Ha! You didn’t. It’s a foreign concept. A screen that was nearly smaller than your head but glued to a box that was heavier than the chair you sat on. Yep. This was technology. And we loved it. It didn’t consume our lives. It didn’t destroy businesses. It wasn’t something we relied on. It just was.

Every time I find myself using GPS to drive to a new place, I think back to what my parents used to navigate to an unfamiliar destination. A map. So my son asks, Oh, MapQuest? Nope. Google Maps? Stop. No. A paper map that you folded and kept in the car. Again, the blank stares. I mean, thank goodness for Google Maps and the GPS technology. I can read a map but can you imagine the time it would take if that’s what we all still used to get from Point A to Point B? And the arguments that would erupt between my husband and myself? Lordy. So I find simple appreciation in the advancement of technology. Sitting between the two generations, I feel as though we get a little of both worlds.

I always catch myself telling my son that he can just tape it…a show that he might miss if we’re going to be gone. And a couple years ago he yelled I don’t even know what that means, Mom! Crap. Record. You can RECORD it. DVR. Whatever. For real. I don’t really feel like I’m ancient. I’m thirty five. But sometimes there are a handful of things that really tend to date me. And my oldest does the best job at reminding me. It’s official. I’m totally getting old(er) and my kids are going to think I’m a dinosaur before too long. Make it stop.

I take pictures of my kids. Probably too many. But that’s often because one has lost her three second attention span and moved so now the cute moment is all blurry. Or the other one can’t smile like a normal human being so I have to ask him to stop looking like he’s in pain and try again. Regardless, I snap more than one every time in hopes that something turned out. I hate to think how much film I would go through these days and the sheer disappointment of getting the prints back only to find that they all pretty much suck. Stupid doubles. I don’t need TWO prints of a photo that’s complete crap. Not even Grandma would appreciate that face.

I asked my husband the other day what his favorite Christmas presents were when he was young. He couldn’t come up with a favorite. Lame. Because I have two distinct ones. First, my Walkman. And second, my Discman. Yes! They were both entirely awesome at the time. You mean, I could skip to the next track without guessing the amount of time I had to hold the fast forward button?! {That feat was stressful}. And I could listen to the same song over and over just by one little click? It was an amazing concept. And now we get the luxury of iTunes, Amazon Music or other digital means to mix a playlist and listen to whatever the heck we want at any given moment. And when your kid asks if you can play that song again. You say nope, I can’t do that. Except that I can. And I’m lost for an excuse. Minus the fact that I just don’t want to hear Uptown Funk one more time. Instead, I want to throw it back and jam to my generational boy bands. Bye Bye Bye. Literally. Go listen to the funk on your own phone or tablet. Indeed.

But as technology would have it, the newest is soon the oldest before too long. I don’t keep up with the latest and greatest. I’m not that savvy. Nor do I care if I’ve got the most popular thing on the block. But I can sure appreciate the change and the world that evolves around it. It’s given us a place in time and will continue to offer the same disbelief for generations to come. As for my generation; despite where the world puts us, I know that there’s a gap of a few years that appropriates our existence. And I’m sticking by that. If you’re one of them, then you understand. And if you don’t identify with this complexity, that’s okay because we’re kind of an exquisite breed.


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