A whole new lazy

Admit it. You’re lazy. At least every now and then. Who isn’t? But I think it’s totally okay. Periodically. Now, if that’s your life mantra then you should probably stop reading this and go do something productive. I definitely don’t condone lazy as a lifestyle. But I do recognize that sometimes it’s the best alternative for a given moment. Are you totally guilty of any of these?? I’m actually torn between a whole new lazy or a creative genius. You decide. Disclaimer: If your kids do any of these things then they’re definitely just lazy. There’s no option at being a creative genius. Remember that.

Have you ever vacuumed and there’s a piece of lint, a crumb or something else unidentifiable that just won’t get sucked up?!?! It’s irritating, really. And instead of picking it up and just throwing it away, you pick it up and drop it to another place where you can better vacuum it up. Yep! Totally guilty.

Your toddler’s nose is runny. But it would mean walking to the bathroom or another room in the house to grab a Kleenex so instead, you just use your hand and then wipe it on your clothes. Gross and entirely unsanitary? For sure. But so guilty!

You’re upstairs sitting in bed, working and/or watching television. You’re thirsty. So you text your husband and ask him to tell your ten year old to bring up a bottle of water. Because you also know your husband is just as lazy and won’t want to come upstairs to bring it to you. THIS is why you have kids. And a cell phone. Guilty and not even ashamed.

No one wants to make more trips then they have to when unloading groceries. So you just carry way more than you can actually handle. Never mind the fact that one of the bags rips. You drop the case of soda and trip over all the shoes in the mudroom. And your hands are screaming at you because they’re on fire. But hey, you just made it in one trip! You can explain the dented soda cans to your husband later…it was the kids. It’s always the kids. Guilty as charged.

Store tags. And those stupid little plastic things that inevitably fall on the carpet and are lost forever. {Until you can’t vacuum them up later}. Instead of seeking out a scissors, you just pull hard and hope you don’t rip a hole in the new shirt you just bought. Or you use those beautiful pearly whites to try and break it. Your dentist would be so proud. Or not. It’s all good until that first time you actually snag the new shirt. Then you’re just pissed because clearly, that stupid tag was attached way too tightly. Guilty more times than I can count.

I hate ironing. Like, HATE it. It’s one thing I just won’t do unless my life depends on it. Enter the dryer. Forget the fact that it takes waaaaay longer to try and de-wrinkle an article of clothing that way. We may or may not have just bought a new washer/dryer set this past summer that NEEDED to have the steam function and easy de-wrinkle option. Seriously. That was my number one criteria. For good reason. No one has time to iron. But we all have time to wait for the dryer. I mean, manufacturers wouldn’t offer those features if they weren’t legitimate. Right?! SO SO guilty. And I will totally own up.

Our neighborhood is one of those with the kiosk of cluster mailboxes. I’ve never been good with these; as in our mailman hates me because I typically go at least a week without checking it. And let’s be real. Most of the time I send the ten year old to grab it. The poor kid practically needs a rolling suitcase to haul it back. Disregard the fact that I drive past the thing almost daily. And did I also mention that it’s right across the street from our house?? Okay. There’s absolutely nothing creative about this one. Just pure laziness. G-U-I-L-T-Y.

I can’t be the only person who’s guilty of these. And if I am. I’m okay with it. Because like I said…I REALLY think some of them ought to be identified as simply being creative and resourceful. Life needs a little laziness creativity to keep us alive. So, carry on!



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