Hashtag Mom

I’m a mother. Of two. And yes, I have a son. And a daughter. But it doesn’t mean I have the perfect family. For someone who likes {needs} perfection, I don’t like when people tell me that. It has this weighted pressure and a stinging bite to it. Because that’s not the definition of perfect.  I’m not lucky. I’m not better than the mom with all boys. The mom with all girls. Or the mom of just one. Do I consider myself blessed? Most certainly. But only because I have the family that was destined for my hands and for my heart. Not because it falls in line with some kind of collective perfection. And let’s be super real. My kids are nine years apart. Gender aside, there’s nothing societal perfect about that. But you know what? It works for us. It works beautifully. And I know that goes the same for you.

We are far past the 1950’s. The hierarchy of a family isn’t the same. And the Cleaver’s aren’t the aspiring model. Because a family means so many different things these days. And that’s totally okay. Say it with me. TOTALLY OKAY. Totally okay to be a single-parent family. Divorced family. Step-family. Blended family. Mom-Dad family. Dad-Dad family. Mom-Mom family. Grandparent family. Really. Whatever that may look like. You shouldn’t feel unlucky or lucky. Because that means you’re comparing your dynamic to others. And this is one of those that’s best left at home. Your home. Your family. When it all comes down to it, the children that you’re raising are going to need a world that embraces them all.

I love my son. He reminds me that a little lot of dirt never really hurt anyone. His kind and compassionate heart moves me to tears sometimes. And his strong sense of self assures me that he will grow to do great things.

I love my daughter. She reminds me that the drama is comical and hardly worthwhile. Her sweet and gentle soul is wrapped around my heart. And her bold personality tells me that she’ll fight for the good things in life.

Hashtag momIt’s a magnificent mix. But that’s only because they’re mine. They make our family what it is. Not because it’s a boy. And a girl. But because it’s Aidan. And it’s Maelyn. Your children have names. And they’re charming. Because you picked them out when you found out what they were. THAT is perfection.  So don’t let anyone make you feel bad for what you’re raising. Because when you rise above, you can never fall below.

To the mom of all boys. I think you’re awesome. You’re raising respectful, genuine men with a heart for others. The kind of men that I hope my daughter falls in love with someday.

To the mom of all girls. I think you’re amazing. You’re raising strong, beloved women who are beautiful on the inside. Women that I hope my son falls in love with someday.

To the mom with just one. I think you’re brave. I know that society may harass you for not having more. And whatever your reasons are, it doesn’t matter. You are still worthy.

To the mom with a mix of both. I think you’re incredible. You’re doing your best to include important characteristics for each. And you’re doing it with enormous expectations. Because it’s not easy to divide your attention.

#boymom #girlmom #mixmom #mommom Whatever your dang hashtag is, we’re in it together. Because we’re all just raising little humans to be great humans. For each other.


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