There’s something

It’s majestic. It’s worldly. It’s controversial. It’s shattering. But it’s glorious. And infinitely amazing. You may love it. You may hate it. Or fall somewhere in between. But regardless, you cannot deny its cultural essence. And the epic tradition it bestows. There’s something about the Summer Olympics that I love. Downright freaking love. I don’t watch much television. But for the seventeen days of the Olympics, I will take over our main set and the sounds of Rio will echo through our home. Because this kind of spirit only comes around once every four years. And I never miss it. There's something (2)

There’s something about the kind of honor, pride and loyalty that individuals bleed during these games. For every wrong thing going on in the world, there’s moments like these that bring the masses together.

There’s something about the host. A spotlight moment for a country to represent and share their identity; showcasing to the world what they stand for, what they believe in and what they love. It’s enriching. And pretty dang cool.

There’s something about the music. Because music speaks to the soul. It brings us to our feet and also to our knees. And it reveals emotions from the inside out. So when the sounds of the summer games sing their song, I am taken back. Every single time.

There’s something about the numbers. The number of foreign travelers. The number of people tuning in. The money to execute it all. The advertising dollars. The rolls of toilet paper. Crazy amounts of everything in one secured perimeter.

There’s something about the color. The team uniforms. And the stretches of vibrant hues that splash across the screen. Because this is a game for every shade and every style.

It’s a performance of the human spirit. It’s devoted competition. And it’s a feature of remarkable talent. No one will ever be able to convince me that it’s unworthy or wasteful or foolish. Because I choose to believe that it’s magnificent, celebratory and inspiring. There is only one event that brings together over 200 delegations; where language, ethnicity, race and cultural differences do not matter. It’s the hearts of humankind with an immeasurable energy that needs no words. This is what I believe our world should embrace. This is how people should come together. And this is why I love the Summer Olympics.

Let the games begin!



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